Lasik Surgery
Check us out for information about Laser eye surgery or LASIK and decide whether this way of eye correction is suitable for you.
lasik_surgeryLaser surgery is a brand new advancement in such field of laser eye surgery as ophthalmology. The excimer laser was firstly approved by The Food and Drug Administration in October 1995 and was intended for correcting from mild to moderate nearsightedness. Meanwhile after this approval, the agency also restricted the use of the laser to specialists trained in laser refractive surgery and in the standardization and operation of the laser as well.

Currently, at November 1998, the excimer laser has been approved for use in a procedure called “photorefractive keratectomy” (PRK) and in a procedure called “laser in situ Keratomileusis” (LASIK).
Before the Procedure
Look through the list of things you should do before LASIK eye surgery in order to make sure that LASIK is the best choice for you and that you will be glad with the results of the surgery.
Benefits and Drawbacks
Read about the group of people who are not suitable for laser eye surgery and why. Look through the advantages of LASIK over Refractive procedures.
Get answers to the most popular questions that are usually asked before the performing of eye laser surgery.
FDA center
Find information about the Food and Drug Administration, which gave permission for using laser system for LASIC and the list of authorities uncontrolled by FDA.
Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?
LASIK is the solution for many patients with vision problems. However, this surgery is not for everyone. Find out more and determine if this procedure is right for you.
Study info about cases of underwenting LASIK procedures and the clinical tests made by FDA to study laser system in performing LASIK procedures.
LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure
When you are going to undergo LASIK eye surgery you really should learn how the procedure works. It can help you to understand it better if you understand exactly how LASIK corrects vision.
LASIK Surgery Types
In order to choose the best LASIK surgery procedure you should understand the different types of laser eye surgery and decide which types of surgery is best for you.
Precision Surgery
Here you may get information about the other types of refractive surgeries: Radial Keratotomy (RK) and Photorefractive Keratotomy (PRK) and the main differences between them.
Refractive Errors
Think over the construction of eye and types of refractive errors. Explore the procedure of LASIK surgery.
Unsatisfactory Results
Consider the cases of unsuccessful results after LASIK that patients can face with.