Plastic Surgery Guide
Get answers to yours most worrying questions concerning surgery: hazards and privileges for your health, postoperative complications and average costs.
plastic_surgeryPlastic Surgery
Are you still ignorant about plastic surgery and wrongly suppose that it is a procedure related to using silicone or man-made materials such as plastic?

Check out this information and discover generally performed types of  plastic surgery (oral, laser eye and weight loss), which are successfully applying for the surgical reinstatement of unattractively prominent forms and functional defects of the human’s body.

Cosmetic Surgery
Ponder over reshaping the structure of your body and therefore improve peculiar traits of your appearance as well as self-esteem? Explore this category and find out a list of up-to-date procedures, which are widely fulfilled among male and female worldwide:
- Botox
- Face Lift
- Hair Transplantation
- Liposuction
- Eyelid Lift
- Breast Lift
-Fat Transfer
-Tummy Tuck
-Nose Reshaping
-Cheek Implants
-Ear Surgery
-Birth Defects
-Chin Implant