Cosmetic Surgery
Navigate comprehensive information about cosmetic surgery, different types of cosmetic procedures and the main distinction between cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries.

cosmetic_surgeryNowadays cosmetic surgery is a very fashionable unit of common surgery. It is carrying out in order to reshape normal structures of the body, and consequently improve patient’s appearance and confidence. As a rule cosmetic surgery is not enclosed by health insurance for the simple reason that it is optional.

There are following procedures of cosmetic surgery:
• face lifting;
• nose reshaping;
• fat suction procedures. 

Cosmetic surgery procedures should be taken very seriously as it involves some risk. The critics of plastic surgery from USA note that there is a profound difference between "cosmetic surgery" and "plastic surgery". That's why it is important to emphasize the distinction between the terms "plastic surgery" and "cosmetic surgery".

  The American Board of Medical Specialties measured plastic surgery as the subsidiary. It is committed to the surgical reinstatement of defects of form or function of the body. It contains cosmetic (or aesthetic) surgery and the reconstructive surgery as well. The cosmetic surgery is a surgery that was developed to improve cosmetics or appearance, but there is no real art of "cosmetic surgery". It is just a profit-making phrase that people comprehend without doubt, and non-plastic surgeons use it because they are not permitted to use the term "plastic surgery”.

Non-Surgical Procedure
Here you will find information about non-surgical procedures which contain skin care methods and laser therapy.

Surgical Procedure
Explore information about surgical procedures including breast, body contouring and facial procedures.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?
Today cosmetic surgery has become a popular alternative to aging, sagging, wrinkled skin, but it is not right for everyone. Consider several things before performing cosmetic surgery procedure.
Male Cosmetic Surgery
Lately there is a noticeable increase in plastic or cosmetic surgery for men of all ages. Clear up some interesting reasons why men are seeking cosmetic surgery.