Benefits and Drawbacks
Read about the group of people who are not suitable for laser eye surgery and why. Look through the advantages of LASIK over Refractive procedures.
Benefits and Drawbacks
Some people suppose that laser surgery is the maximum freedom from the everyday difficulties of contact lenses, and a chance to have normal eyesight. But can they imagine possible dramatic results? Certainly no. It’s not an infallible procedure and people must know that some can get worsier eyesight than before they came.

But the reasons why the expectations for laser surgery are not coincide with one group of people to another are following: people who are usually recovered slowly or who have ongoing medical elements (such as glaucoma or diabetes) are not suitable for laser surgery. So before taking some decision it’s necessary to consult with experienced doctor and to examine.
The group of people who are out of this surgery also supplement those who have uncontrolled autoimmune disease, vascular disease, or people with certain eye diseases including the cornea or retina. The most carefully should be women on mummy way, since refractive surgery during pregnancy can change the refraction of an eye.

Laser eye surgery is suitable for you if:

1. You are 21 years old and want to cure using Summit laser or 18 years old and want to try VISX laser as a method of treatment. This limits the point concerning the fact that your eyes are still growing till this age;
2. Your eyes are normal without any deviations and are not suffer from retinal problems, corneal scars, or any other eye disease (refractive errors mean not disease but eye disorders);
3. You are on different stages (from mild to moderate) of myopia or nearsightedness and undergo within certain treatment (consult  your doctor to find out your range);
4. You are going to pay for the treatment from the period when laser procedures became more expensive  and you are not able to cover all expenses through the health insurance policies;
5. You have the complete information about the drawbacks and benefits of laser surgery in comparecent with other possible treatments.
LASIK, according to some doctor’s mind, is convenient procedure aimed at correcting the most complex refractive errors. They proclaim that the period of rehabilitationt after LASIK is faster than after PRK. To sum up, patients undergoing LASIK treatment, are capable to see quite good to drive without delay and have good vision in term of a week.

During RK procedures, incisions are made with a help of manual blade in a "radial" pattern along the outer portion of the cornea. These incisions are meant for helping to flat the curvature of the cornea, thus give the chance to light beams to enter the eye and focus on the retina properly. The number and length of the incisions terminates the degree of correction achieved. 

Largely, this is still a practiced procedure meant for detecting people with very small corrections of myopia, which penetrate approximately 90 percent of the cornea, but the studies indicating that incisions, made during this procedure, appear to weaken the structure of the eye. So if you have RK done one time you can't repeat it or have PRK done.