LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure
When you are going to undergo LASIK eye surgery you really should learn how the procedure works. It can help you to understand it better if you understand exactly how LASIK corrects vision.
LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure
Vision problems are quite common. You are most likely to know someone who wears corrective lenses or perhaps you wear them yourself. Lots of people must wear some type of corrective lens to help them see clearly. That’s why LASIK is so popular. People are excited about the idea of never having to be dependent on corrective lenses again.

Vision problems occur due to many reasons. The main conditions that LASIK can correct are myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. These problems occur because of the cornea being misshaped. The cornea is the clear part of the eye that reflects images you see. When it is not shaped correctly those images become distorted. This is why vision is not always 20/20.

In order to correct the vision LASIK works by correcting the shape of the cornea. The laser used in a LASIK procedure cuts the cornea to reshape it into the natural shape a cornea should have. And this corrects the vision problems of the patient.

As a matter of fact, a work method of LASIK procedure is quite a simple concept. It goes straight to the problem and fixes it. Nevertheless, LASIK can not correct other vision problems that are not related to the shape of the cornea. Those problems are best suited by other vision correction options.

The LASIK eye surgery involves a few steps. Firstly, the surgeon cuts a flap in the outer layer of the cornea. This flap is then lifted up and the inner layer of the cornea is shaped with the laser. When the inner layer is shaped, the flap is laid back down. There are no stitches involved. The flap is just set back into place and left to heal on its own.

LASIK does have some risks of producing less then perfect results. It is possible that some people will need further surgeries to fully correct their vision. Some people have side effects that cause problems with glare. Complications are rare and most often avoided by making a good choice in a surgeon and ensuring you are a good candidate for the procedure.

LASIK eye surgery has become quite popular. People are generally very pleased with the results of their LASIK vision correction. The majority of people can go on to never have to rely on vision correction in the future.